Organic by nature ... and by law!

The Tenute Ugolini  practice organic agruculture since their inception in the 90s. A conservative and preservative choice of the territory. An act of love and respect to the Valley of Fumane and its biodiversity. A strict process that led the company to be included among the few Italian who obtained the prestigious recognition of Biodiversity Friend.

Starting this year, the Italian law, recognized the definitive registration of all Ugolini properties in the organic register. A bureaucratic step, then, that will serve to be able to affix in the label the definitive organic logo and complete a path that will lasted many years. then the Vintage 2016, all the wines can also be defined Biological from a legal point of view. 

Already by the label of the Pozzetto 2016, which will be released next April 2017, therefore, you will find the European green leaf, which identifies the organic product recognized by the European Community.