Restyling Ugolini.

The great restyling project of Tenute Ugolini di Fumane is completed. A project strongly desired by the family, to consolidate the image and the message always wanted to witness since the beginning. The Echo of the Earth is the ultimate tribute to Fumane, to a valley that has welcomed them as children. Strong image and emotional texts that really express the grateful feeling of the family.

"For us every wine created by the folds of the land of Fumane, has the same communicative power, the same sentimental value and identical quality in the glass." Giambattista Ugolini does not make it a matter of name for its wines. From the Pozzetto to the Alta Valle are all full expression of a dream that is repeated every year in the vineyards and the cellar. For all therefore the same bottle, the same label, the same packaging.

The bottle

The bottle is the silhouette that is intended to give to a wine. A direct message without hesitation. Fumane, the wine, the men and its land, strength, elegance and substantiality. Three elements that have been willing to be represented in a new bottle equal for all wines. A unique new shape, to caress, that could anticipate the thrill of wine in the glass. The cantilevered of glass with a Florentine half orris, distinctive element in the painting of the Madonna of the San Micheletto church, is evocative element of our history and tradition.

The Label

The new silhouette of the bottle needed a new outfit. The black and white. essential elements of elegance that never goes out. An enveloping Dress that echoes the sinuous harmonies of Audrey Hepburn. Because, as Giorgio Armani confirms "elegance is not to be seen, but to be remembered." On the label, in large letters, the name of the vineyard of origin; the umbilical cord that binds the wine to mother earth. Finally the type of wine and the Italian identity character. The decision to write Created in Italy, was made in honor of creativity and Italian craftsmanship, that the whole world envies us.

The box

We would not be Italian if we leave out the details. The box is not only a container. We have designed the "thoughts." For us it is a treasure chest from which, once opened, hovers in the air all the flavor and the value of our history and of human work. It opens a dream. Our dream! And here the idea of putting in a beautiful design of our estate and vineyards but also a strong message that defines our thinking. "The Valley of Fumane, powerful and silent soul of our dream. The echo of the earth that reaches the heart. "