Villa San Michele

It has taken us 20 years of hard work to achieve the scenery we have on the hills of Bure. Facing a mass of uninterrupted grapevines between cherry trees and other local trees, the winery ‘Tenuta Ugolini’ is an antique colonial house that has recently been restructured. A beautiful entrance, with an ample sized terrace with panoramic views is the best ways to welcome any visitor to the area. Even the most distracted traveller could find a reason to stop here in this quiet corner of Valpolicella to taste a delicious glass of wine.


Of all the natural things that characterise Valpolicella, stone is one of them! (Marble, granite, and even the simple stones too). Stone characterises much of the scenery; houses, districts, artefacts and even fences the old stone walls of the hills.

Filosofia architetto

Inside our wine shop,(an idea from our architect Silvano Lonardi), examples of ‘Tuff’ can be seen together with wood. The essential shapes of this space, wanting to be welcoming and protective, inspire a simple and radical value of our earth. The wine shop is a meeting place, simple but functional. The essential decoration is the wine, making the experience relaxed and informal.


We are more than welcome to show you around our winery. Guided visits may vary in length due to the requests of the clients and includes a walk around the vineyards. On request, wine tasting can be arranged.
Our products can also be bought from the winery, we are open every day apart from public holidays.